Our work with businesses often focuses on the problem of communicating economic ideas. For example, one of AT&T Communications' key business goals has been to communicate the importance of keeping access charges low. Dr. Kinney worked with AT&T's External Affairs staff to develop a training program for middle level managers about the basic economics of access charges.

Other telecommunications work related to Bell South's desire to enter into the long distance telecommunications market. This work was proprietary but involves working with Wharton Econometrics Forecasting Associates (WEFA) to help Bell South obtain their expansion objectives.

Other times, businesses have key ideas they must communicate to the legislature. As an example of this type work, Time Warner was presented with an estimated $5.5 M tax bill by the Florida Department of Revenue in 1992 which it believed to be in error. Its position was that the DOR's interpretation of statutes was incorrect and that exported premium materials and letter shop operations should be non-taxable. Dr. Kinney co-authored an Economic Impact Statement of Time Warner's operations and the inappropriateness of this tax with a lobbyist. The paper was presented to all legislators, and the tax was eliminated.

Should your firm have an economic issue that you believe warrants an economic analysis, please contact us. Dr. Kinney will be happy to discuss your problem and help you decide if Kinney Economics is the firm for you.

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