Our work in the litigation support area involves researching and testifying on economic issues that arise in virtually every area of the law. Principle areas of firm concentration are personal injury, wrongful death, employment discrimination, and administrative law.

Forecasting an individual's expected lifetime wage losses and reducing them to present value are the key questions Dr. Kinney addresses in personal injury cases. Wrongful death cases require similar analysis but are broadened to also address how much an individual would have been expected to consume over his/her lifetime, leaving the net accumulations to an estate.

Discrimination cases involve conducting demographic and wage analysis of the firm's employment practices as compared to its relevant employment area. Dr. Kinney's administrative experience includes testifying on the economic effects of the State of Florida's Environmental Resource Permit, ERP. Her other administrative work has involved researching a variety of administrative law issues that relate to economics and offering support to lobbyists.

A sample fee agreement used for litigation services may be downloaded for your information.

“I think my value as an expert witness is that I look at an economic analysis from all sides and deliver a comprehensive, conservative, thorough report,” says President, Dr. Marcelle A. Kinney. “One-sided, polemical reports are transparent and easily attacked. Success as an expert witness involves being reasonable. Most importantly, we think about the information the way a jury would and make sure we provide all the data they need to make a fair, sound decision.”

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