Kinney Economic Consulting is a reliable Florida-based economic consulting firm that Dr. Kinney established in 1993. We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction -- you can be assured we will take every step necessary to insure your 100% satisfaction with the quality and thoroughness of our work.

Dr. Kinney earned her doctorate in Economics from the University of Florida. Her areas of specialization are international trade, government regulation of business, public finance, and labor economics. She has taught on the graduate and undergraduate levels at Florida State University, the University of Florida, and currently at Brevard Community College. Before starting her own firm in 1993, she served as an economist for the State of Florida’s Department of Labor & Employment Security and for the Florida Taxation and Budget Reform Commission.

Dr. Kinney’s resume is available for those interested.

Dr. Kinney serves as the principal economist on all research projects. Additional staff are hand-selected and hired on a sub-contracting basis, depending on the special needs of the job. All sub-contractors have extensive graduate level or legal training and/or legislative experience.

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